What does this page mean? To secure our Zimbra email server a special passphrase is required. Inside the MPI MiS network you don't need this passphrase. After authorization with this passphrase access to the mail server with your recent IP address is valid for 12 hours. After this time you must come back to this page to re-authoricate you again. Maybe your browser will show you an error like this 'The server or the network is slow to respond...' to indicate the re-authorization.

For your convenience this phrase will not be hidden while you type it. This is NOT your regular loginname or password! Please allow re-direction in your browser.

In case you don't know the passphrase please see our WIKI (internal access only, not from the Eduroam network) or contact the computer group by email.

In case of an error or if you have a problem with this service please contact:
Heiko Schinke (phone: +49 - 341 - 9959 692, office D3 06, email)